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capitalW brings experts and partnerships to your table to drive results. 

Kathryn Babcock - CEO

Under Kathryn's leadership, capitalW has convened a cadre of experts in the capitalization of social purpose work; driving innovative approaches to mobilizing funds and data-driven solutions to understand flow of capital and resourcing for social good.  

Arlene MacDonald - Strategic Partnerships Lead
Arlene has over 30 years’ experience in the Non-profit and Charitable Sector. She leads the Charitable Sector Data Working Group for the Federal Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector, leading the conversation on charitable and non-profit data across the country. 

Joy Davidson - Managing Director

Joy’s executive career encompasses fundraising and operations at the grassroots and large institutional level culminating as Executive Lead at the Mount Sinai Foundation. 

Niti Bhotoia - Vice President
A passionate fundraiser, Niti specializes in transformational gifts that propel transformational impact. Niti’s portfolio of work includes seven figure gifts for charitable organizations throughout the sector.

Christopher Holz - Advisor, Government Relations
A seasoned public affairs executive with over two decades of experience. Chris specializes in policy development and stakeholder engagement across the non- profit, public and private sector. 

Heather Simpson - Advisor, Social Finance 
An expert in the full range of social enterprises, Heather's strong financial modelling acumen is derived from work in both the corporate and development finance space.

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