capitalW is committed to data-driven solutions that illuminate the flow of capital and resourcing for social good. 


With a vision to transform the way we think about resourcing important work, to shining a light on an entire ecosystem of financing our social fabric, to ensuring the inclusion of data that is often left uncounted and unexamined, capitalW has spear-headed thoughtful convenings and concrete contributions to advance the mapping of non-profit and charity data, identifying gaps, creating participatory models of data collection and analysis.   


The CEO's two decades in fundraising and corporate sponsorship/partnership has enabled her to envisage unusual and potent partnerships that bring together change-agents in non profits, private sector innovators, forward-thinking data analysts, technology developers, and government relations expertise to change how we think about documenting, measuring and illuminating the flow of capital from all sources (from private to public institutions) to those who implement the programmes that advance the well-being of our communities.  

The first data innovation was mapping the $280B that flows annually to charities in Canada segmented by population served. 


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